Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Little Things

Anthropologie is my JAM
I fawn over the unique and attainable design of the Anthropologie stores. I mean, they use everyday objects like lollipops, coffee filters, cut paper and balloons to mix the sweet elegance of their products and the outrageous fun of their design crashing together in a wonderful way. They make it so easy for you to do any DIY project to make your house look like it popped out of the showcase window. If I suddenly became a billionaire, my entire house would be furnished by Anthropologie. Oh, and their mugs are just so cute.

I crave it, I dream about it... My first job was at an Ice Cream Shop. So naturally I love almost every flavor of ice cream ever. But the Queen of all Ice Cream is Birthday Cake Ice cream. I don't know what it is about that sweet cake flavor that sends me to a beautiful place of merriment, or the rainbow sprinkles that dance around the cake singing songs of bliss in my tummy..

I am an Outgoing Introvert
After taking an in depth personality test, I learned that my personality is a mix between the most outgoing personality and the most introverted one. Specifically Melancholy and Sanguine. The Sanguine personality is the star of the party. She is friendly, sweet, hug-able and oh so funny. On the other hand, the Melancholy loves to hide away in her pillow fort. A lovely handmade blanket, a classic book, and a cup of tea is how she recharges. The Melancholy is a like the battery powered robot that can play all day, but at the end of the day, she starts winding down and just needs to go back to her charging station alone to remember herself in the quiet peace. This is who I am and I have learned to find balance between the two!
Some introverts are still looking for ways to balance their social lives with their need for alone time.

I love fruit! For a while, I went completely Raw vegan (This lasted about 1 1/2 weeks.) During this time I ate a lot of fruit and found out that I greatly enjoyed it! After being Vegan for about 4 months, I have started incorporating other things into my diet to continue making discoveries about my own health journey.
But I could eat fruit all day!

I love cats. Here is a cute picture of a cat.

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